Our Ethos

We are actively involved and responsible for the world around us. This includes nutrition, the source of our ingredients, ethical and sustainable business practices, and expanding the human condition through mindful exploration of ourselves and our environment.

The Better Option

We’re not perfect, but we’re working on it. We’re not 100% sustainable, ethically sourced, zero carbon, magic energy creating unicorns, but who is? We are constantly assessing our business to choose ‘The Better Option’.

Care of People

Both internally, caring for and ensuring our staff are happy and engaged in what we do. And externally, through our fellow adventurers, providing them access to best possible natural, nutrient-dense produce.

Care of the Earth

Engagement in the integrity of the entire system and an understanding that we are a part of a much larger planet, not just the user of resources. It is our aim at Cave Foods to give back as much as we take.

Be Respectful

Respect for the people in our community not as consumers but as fellow adventurers and human beings. It is also our goal to foster that respect in return – from customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, competitors.
Stuart Gadenne

It All Began in Bondi

The roots of Cave Foods were planted when Stuart Gadenne was diagnosed gluten intolerant in 2010. Studying nutrition and in need of sustenance which suited his adventurous lifestyle, he began creating his own high protein snacks which were nutritious and packed full of wholesome ingredients, but lacking in taste.

Seeking the assistance of Australian paleo chef, Daniel Barrett, was a masterstroke. Together they developed a better tasting bar without compromising on the natural and nutritional integrity of the produce – quality raw, organic/biodynamic ingredients; free of gluten and artificial additives

The final ingredient was Ben Moon. A friend and former colleague of Stuart’s looking to maintain and excel his ingrained level of professionalism in a more socially responsible way. His drive and organisational skills provided the springboard to ensure other health-conscious adventurers could benefit from Cave Foods.

Beginning at the local Bondi Farmers Markets in July 2014, their journey so far is testament to the quality of the product they hand craft. Cave Foods continues to explore opportunities to create healthy, nutritious wholesome foods while retaining its buy local ethos and sustainable and socially responsible practices.

Cave Foods